Waterloo Region Votes

Information About the 2022 Municipal Election

Open Data for this site

The source code for this site is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/CivicTechWR/WRvotesMunicipal2022 .

Even if the waterlooregionvotes.org domain expires, you should be able to access the site via https://civictechwr.github.io/WRVotesMunicipal2022.

The nomination data for this site is courtesy of Bob Jonkman. He has a slightly-different listing of this data at https://poliblog.jonkman.ca/Poliblog-Elections/2022-10-24-Municipal-Election/ . He released this data under a CC-BY-SA Creative Commons license but has allowed us to use the data for this site under our default MIT license.

Other data for this site comes in the form of NextCloud synchronized to the git repository.

Read README-updating.md on the GitHub site for information about the structure of these files.