Waterloo Region Votes

Information About the 2022 Municipal Election


This website attempts to respect your privacy while still gathering some aggregate information.

We would like to evaluate how useful the site is to people, and to generate talking points we can use when promoting the project to others (for example: “Our project got X number of views the week before the election.”)

We would like to answer the following kinds of questions:

  • Roughly how many people used our site?
  • Which wards had the most engagement?
  • Which resources did people find most useful? Meeting recordings? Candidate websites? Opinion pieces? Something else?

We do not have advertising or other monetization on the site. We do not intentionally share individualized data with third parties.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Somewhat reluctantly, we use Google Analytics 4 to track website usage. You can read its privacy policy here. To enhance privacy, we have taken the following steps:

  • We respect the Do Not Track header. This is considered deprecated but still supported in many web browsers. It appears that there is a replacement standard called Global Privacy Control that is in development, but as of October 2022 nobody supports it yet.

  • We have disabled local cookie storage for Google Tag Manager. This means we can no longer track unique visitors effectively. Oh well.

  • We have requested that Google Analytics/Tag Manager anonymize IP addresses.

You can see how we call Google Analytics/Tag Manager in the source code.

Many ad blocking plugins (such as UBlock Origin) will block Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager automatically.

A more extreme solution is to disable JavaScript, which will break the front-page map but not affect the rest of the website dramatically.

Third-Party Services

We host this website on GitHub Pages. They collect server logs for security purposes. As far as we know we have no access to these logs.

We use OpenStreetMap for the front page map. They also collect logs and some user data.